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Is 40+ too old to date a Russian or an Ukrainian woman?

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Not at all. Russian and Ukrainian women aren’t like female westerners. They aren’t looking for a unicorn. Russian and Ukrainian women are looking for serious stable men. Thus, a man in his forties or fifties may more match with the expectations of Russian or Ukrainian women than an unstable local man in his thirties. 

Russian / Ukrainian women on one hand and Russian/Ukrainian men are very different from each other. In this region of the world, women are more down-to-earth than men early in their life. For example, I have heard a 20 years old Russian woman telling me that it was time for her to start a family and have children. Excepted in the Amish community, I think that you can’t find any women in the USA talking like that at 20 years old.

In West Europe or in the USA, women have very high expectations towards men. As an example, I have read a paper advertisement in France, where a disabled woman didn’t want to date men who were 2 years older than her. There is no such a craziness in Russia or Ukraine.