Hypergamy is all about greed

First assumption: Some people say that hypergamy is legitimate because women try to find a safe environment to raise their offspring. I will demonstrate here that it is not true. 

When we look at the expenses of hypergamous women, we discover they want luxurious products and services that aren’t necessary for raising children. 

For example, a swimming pool, a luxurious SUV, a big house, remote holiday destinations are not necessary to raise children. We don’t need to have a luxury SUV like a BMW, an Audi, a Range Rover to bring the children to School. You don’t need to buy a huge house for the children. Those expenses are driven by the greed of those women.

The children are an excuse from female manipulators to justify expenses in luxury products and services that aren’t vital, and they want a man to pay for it.

Second assumption: Hypergamy existed since the beginning of humankind.

It is easy to make such an assumption when we look at history from our perspective. However, there were other society organizations by the past. A long time ago, a woman didn’t have any choice when choosing a partner. She didn’t have Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, and the internet. She had no validation from anyone. She lived in a tribe of 10 to 30 people and she had perhaps 4 or 5 male partner options. I looked at the mating ritual of some african tribes and I didn’t see any hypergamy.

People had the same background in this tribe. People had way fewer assets than now. In some societies, there were arranged marriages for centuries, where the bride and the young man had nothing to say. 

In primitive tribes, caste systems and communist societies, there was no hypergamy.

For sure, hypergamy is related to the increasing household wealth in the world. It is a sociological behavior that is possible only because households were never as rich as today in a liberal and non-religious world. I am not criticizing liberalism and atheism. It is just a fact. People have more assets than their predecessors.

More importantly, the manipulators try to bring false arguments to justify hypergamy because they have to find a way to encourage men to spend money on women. Those female manipulators are revisionists. They recreate history to make you believe that it is traditional that men should work hard and spend money on women. However, if you look into the history of your country, you will discover that hypergamy didn’t exist in the past. Hypergamy is the expression of modern greed.