A man should not offer an expensive jewel to a woman

The value of a diamond ring is only its price tag. I observed a very interesting phenomenon after men bought their woman jewelry. Just after buying a ring, some women stop giving value to it. It is like a ring would lose her value after being sold in the mind of some women.

This is part of the praying mantis behavior of many female predators. Once they get their gift, the gift is worth nothing. The emotional value of a ring is null. Anyways, since a jewel is useless, there is really no use for it.

Let me give an example. Once a man bought a woman a diamond ring. After 2 weeks, he started to talk about this purchase. He wanted to talk with his wife about the process of acquiring the ring. He wanted to talk about how he found the jewelry shop and what helped to choose this particular diamond ring. As he started to talk about this 10000 euros ($12,000 USD) purchase, she answered: “We bought it, that’s it, stop talking about it, We are not going to talk about it anymore.” I was in front of this woman when she said those words in France. In fact, that was the man who bought it for her. After this remark, the man went silent and accepted the situation.

It is stupid to buy very expensive useless artifacts because there will be no recognition afterwards anyway.

Since the diamond ring was bought by this man, it has no value. This woman thinks she is entitled to have a diamond ring from a man. If the woman had bought the diamond ring, this whole different story. Everyone in her entourage would have been informed that the diamond ring costs 10000 euros.

If a woman wants jewelry she should buy it with her money to know the value of money. When a man buys an expensive ring for a woman, he spoils a woman, just like he would spoil a child.

If a woman wants jewelry, she should pay for it.