Men are more emotional than women – the proof

Men are more emotional than women because they can act irrationally when they are in love with a woman. Most of the love crimes are committed by men. That’s the best proof showing that men are more emotional than women. If men would be more rational they would not kill someone, kill people, kill themselves for a woman. This only happens because those men decide that a woman’s life is more important than their own life.

When a man fights for a woman that he doesn’t know, it is also not a rational response to a situation. It means that a man put himself in danger for a woman. How many times have you heard of a woman getting into a brawl to defend a man?

Also, emotions can be used as a weapon to manipulate a relative. Women are better at manipulating people using emotions than men. In the education of men, the expression of emotions is neglected. Boys are encouraged to hide their emotions while girls are encouraged to express their emotions.

A 2016 study named “Gender Differences in Emotional Response: Inconsistency between Experience and Expressivity” stated that

“The findings suggest that, when watching videos that induce an emotional response, men often have more intense emotional experiences, whereas women have higher emotional expressivity, particularly for negative emotions. In addition, gender differences depend on the specific emotion type but not the valence.”

In other words, men are emotional but they don’t show it.  On the other hand, women tend to react must more than men. Men should learn to focus on their emotions, express them and control them.

The mainstream media perpetuate the idea of the emotionally fragile woman. We never have been further from the truth.