Men should stop putting women on a pedestal

Here are some male behaviors that should stop

  • To endanger your life for a woman. It is really stupid to put yourself at physical risk for a woman. I remember the story of this man who heard an argument between a man and a woman. He wanted to sort it and he ended up surrounded by several men. He was stabbed several times and ended at the hospital.
  • To run after a woman. It is useless to spend energy and time on one woman. You must de-program yourself and stop thinking that this woman is the most important thing in your life. You should¬†
  • To fight for a woman. It is useless to fight for a woman. Most of the victims of murders are men. Have you ever heard the story of a woman who has been killed on the street by a total stranger? no. It rarely happens. In fact, in many societies, women are overprotected.
  • To spend a lot of money on a woman. Men should not spend too much money on women.¬†