My advice to men who want to buy services from Russian or Ukrainian dating agencies

Make a reconnaissance trip: To prevent this situation you could stay several days in a Russian city to see whether or not you like Russian women. This could also help you to understand the legal aspect of bringing back a woman to your country and living in Russia. Once again, don’t expect too much as the language barrier is very high in Russia and that it takes the time to pick up Russian women in Russia. During this reconnaissance trip, you could also visit dating agencies to see whether or not they are serious.

No online dating: I strongly discourage you to date women on online dating websites or dating agencies that offer online dating. You should only subscribe to dating tours with speed dating events in Russia and Ukraine organized by Russian and Ukrainian dating agencies. I tell you so because you will never be able to build a trust relationship online. Online scams are common. Conversely, in a speed dating event in real life what you see is what you get, and it will be much more difficult for a woman to lie to you and fool you. Furthermore, in a room with 100 women, you have many more opportunities.

Check the real cost of a dating tour: It would be important to check if there are no hidden costs like additional translator costs that aren’t included in the initial dating tour price. For instance, there is a dating tour to go to Moscow and meet 200 to 300 women there for $3000 to $5000 US. Then, if you find a lady or several ladies interesting, you may need a translator for additional translation, and in this case, you need to know how much it will cost you. Maybe there are other additional costs that you need to know.

Don’t expect too much: I know that since a man pays a lot amount of money, he expects to see some results. Unfortunately, since the human factor is the most important here, you can forecast what is going to happen. Also, don’t seek to come back with a woman if you don’t like any of them. In fact, dating agencies can do their job well, but you don’t know if you are going to like any Russian or Ukrainian women who will come to the speed dating event.

Since the time I wrote this article, I investigated further. If you want to know more buy my MP3 audio report about the dangers and scams of Ukrainian and Russian dating agencies.

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