Never trust woman’s Words, only trust her actions

I think that most of time, men underestimate women who act in their favor. Men value women who give them compliments but they don’t give enough importance to women who do something for men. 

A compliment is free. A compliment costs nothing. It does not require energy or time for it. On the other hand, when a woman helps you doing your job, when a woman lend moneyto you, when a woman finds you an accommodation she really spent time, money, energy for you. This is a real fact in your favor. This is not only just a speech.

  • Speeches are made out of thin air.
  • Speeches are intangible.
  • Speeches are promises.
  • Speeches don’t require to spend money and time.
  • Speeches can be also lies or manipulations. 

I think that too many men are influenced by the nice and sweet words of female manipulators.

That’s why it is important to do a list of all the women you know. Then, think about all the women who ask you for money or for a service. draw an X next to their names. Then, think about the women who did something for you. Draw a Y next to their names. Then, think about the women who never asked you anything and draw a O next to their names. Do the women with a YO next to their names your favorites? It should be. 

I think men should de-program themselves, and think about their female relatives who are very beneficial and the ones who are toxic. 

Let me warn you, in this list of women, you should also add family members, including your mother. You would surprised to see that good women can be anyone and toxic women can be anyone. You may be part of a community and thinking that the women of this community are less harmful than women outside this community. However, it is just a bias. You should do the test to see whether it is true or not.