It wasn’t easier to have sex with women in the 60’s 70’s

Let This article is for younger generations who may be manipulated by older story tellers who want take advantage of young people ignorance. I think there are many lies about the past generations. Unfortunately for the mythomaniacs and the storytellers, it is not possible to lie because we can find evidence online.

In the sixties, people used to marry very early. As you can see below, the average age of first marriage didn’t exceed 22 years old before 1980. In the 60’s and partially in the 70’s, people used to marry earlier than between 1890 and 1940! In other words, they didn’t date as much as people of today. I have investigated to know if people were involved into group sex or threesomes after they married. I have found that such a practice didn’t exist. Consequently, If a man started to date women at 18 years old in 1967, he was likely to marry at around 22 years old in 1970. This means he would have had wild sex for 4 years? I will explain later why it is not possible.

The trend also shows that the real sexual liberation came after the 70’s as people married older. The average age at first birth logically followed the trend. In 1970, the average mom age at first birth was 21,4 years old. This sounds complicated to have an infant at 22 years old and participate in group sex.

The big lie about the people of the 60’s and their behavior towards traditional wedding:

Below you can see a historical chart of the average age of first marriage in the USA. Since in the 60’s and partially in the 70’s, men used to marry earlier than between 1890 and 1940, it means the generation of the 60’s was more conservative than previous generations and later generations. In other words, they could not give us lessons about freeing ourselves from traditional marriage.

The female / male relationship wasn’t what it is today

Find below a home movie of the 1969 Woodstock movie. Dear gents, now you can see how you have been fooled by those mythomaniacs who made Woodstock a myth. On the pictures, you can see men outnumber women. This is far from being the open sky unleashed event that has been portrayed for years. This young crowd looks shy and disciplined. Women and men didn’t touch each other. I watched the Woodstock movie, and found that young women at that time were really shy to talk to men. There was a lot of ice to break between men and women at that time. You can also see that people at that time were monogamous.

In the 60’s they had less sex than we think

In order to attract attention, older mythomaniacs have to tell stories. They did it with me too. Some men from the previous generations took advantage of the fact that I wasn’t born to check if their statements were true. But when I have looked at the US statistics and the median age for the first marriage I have discovered they lied to me.

Furthermore, I have asked them if they were into libertinage after getting married and they said no.
So, I think that if those generations of men didn’t lie they would have no spicy sexual stories to tell because nothing happened at that time.

I do encourage to buy the Woodstock movie and take a look at the interactions between young men and young women at that time. You will see that men and women were shy to talk together. When I watched this movie, I told myself that it was impossible that they switched from “I am scared to talk to you” to “let’s relax and have sex all together”. The moral & social pressure was stronger than today and the generations of the 60’s and the 70’s were not part of a sharp transition in the male / female relationship.

My understanding

I think that both men and women of that time were very much tied to morality related to the conservative culture of the 60’s and the 70’s. Movies have created a fake History by portraying 60’s and 70’s as being very sexual. However, we should not consider hollywood movies as a valid historical source to explain the relationship between men and women.