Men, a relationship without a marriage will not protect your money

I have noticed that many men in my country (France) decide to commit to a woman without marrying her.

However, I have found that it was powerless against a female predator. I have seen that some women from the new generation pressured their boyfriend to buy an expensive house in a nice area. Some female companions encourage their boyfriend to live beyond his means. We find situations where the boyfriend spent a lot of money for no reasons. How it is possible? Men accept to take out a loan to buy a pricey house. How is it possible?

1. There is a first stage where the girlfriend has a low profile and she does not ask for anything. She is modest and accepts to live in a rented apartment. During this phase, she has no crazy expectations. Then, there is a trigger. For instance, we saw female predators who were happy in a rented apartment.

2. When this type of women has a baby, a switch of personality occurs. She starts to get picky. She raises her expectations of her boyfriend. She requires a better lifestyle. For example, she wants the boyfriend/husband to take out a mortgage to buy a pricey house with swimming pool. She starts demanding she wants to go on vacation to remote destinations several times a year. She wants an SUV, nice furniture, hot tubs and more…

Some people would reply that it is normal because the woman wants to raise her offspring in a safe environment.

However, Not so long ago, in the 19th century, women didn’t ask for a 6 room house and an SUV to raise the children. Poor families could not afford many things but they had more children on average than today.

In fact, those modern women use their children as an excuse to require a better lifestyle. The presence of the children helps to lock the boyfriend into the relationship.  After having children, the man is not likely to leave or kick the mother out. He is likely to accept any new requests from his female partner.

3. At that point, the female predator will start to spend more money. She may argue that now it is required to have better living conditions for the children. For example, a woman asked her husband to buy an inground swimming pool for the children. The inground swimming pool isn’t something that is a must-have to raise the children. A swimming pool is a pure form of luxury. At some point, she may ask her husband to buy a brand new SUV. However, if you have two children, you don’t need a brand new SUV.

The female predators also encourage the man to open a joint bank account so that she can have access to the money of the “boyfriend”.

The fluffy unicorns

However, there are fluffy unicorns. The fluffy unicorns are women who have a stable job position. They usually go on maternity leave and then go back to work without asking anything. Men don’t value fluffy unicorns enough. They don’t give enough importance to the revenue of a woman. They disconnect their rationality when they get into a relationship.