Is it possible to pick up a woman on Chatroulette or Omegle?

I do recommend to avoid Chatroulette & Omegle at any price. I have tried Chatroulette for you in the context of dating. We quickly understood it was NOT a place to go to pick up women online.

Here are the reasons why Chatroulette is a very bad idea if you want to use it to date women.

First of all, when you connect for the first time and click on “start” to launch the random selection of interlocutors, you see a majority of men. Then, if you want only to select women you have to pay. You may buy a $10 or $50 token. Then, you can activate the gender filter only to see women on Chatroulette. Then, you click on Start, and you see lots of women who are underaged. Then, you discover that a vast majority of women are not on Chatroulette to have a conversation. They are on Chatroulette to either make a laugh of you, click on the “next” button or even say something bad and go… In other words, Chatroulette is not a serious place. People have a very childlike behavior on Chatroulette. Even if you are a male teenager, you will waste your time. For instance, you may start talking with a woman, and for no reasons, she may interrupt the conversation and go without notice. That’s a very frustrating situation. You pay $10 or $50 for nothing. Plus, people may use a pre-recorded video without you to know. You never know who you are talking to. A man can impersonate a woman by streaming the video of a pre-recorded video with a woman on it. Also, online videos that you can see of people engaged in Cybersex on Omegle are fake.

Consequently, buying Chatroulette tokens is a waste of money.