My opinion about Roosh V. It is bad!

Roosh V welcoming police officer after death threats.

His life in Ukraine:

In Europe (my home place), Ukraine is the country where there is the smallest number of English speakers. (Here is the proof). Consequently, to pick up women as an English speaker with no knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian, it is a very bad move. Roosh V lived in Ukraine without learning Ukrainian or Russian. You can’t go and stay in Ukraine hoping that you will pick up local women without talking in Russian or Ukrainian. You can see evidence that he does not speak Ukrainian and that there is a language barrier on the videos of his youtube channel

Frustration about porn

Just like Gavin McIness, Roosh V wants you to stop masturbating. He thinks that porn is a problem. It is a crazy opinion really. No-one is legitimate to tell you if your sexuality is good or bad.

In fact, he is worse than the radical religious people who want to impose a lifestyle on people. I think that most priests and radical Muslims don’t date talking about porn anymore. Here is the article where Roosh V condemns porn

Masturbation is man’s right. A man has the right to masturbate in front of a porn movie and noone should tell him that it is bad.

The RooshV forum is such a bad source of information

The Roosh V forum is packed with nerds, no-life, trolls who pretend to be knowledgeable about women but who really understand nothing and I think many of them never visited Europe. The threads are a pile of rubbish and there is nothing good about it. The worst of the rooshV forum is the data sheet about countries.

For instance, I have tested the Copenhagen, Denmark datasheet. I went to the Bang & Jensen bar that was mentioned on the Roosh V forum, the so-called favorite coffee shop of Roosh V in Copenhagen. I have found myself in a neighbourhood of Alcoholics, junkies & prostitutes far away from hot Danish women.  The said bar was packed with hippie hipsters who love to live close to danger.

In the book related to Denmark, it was said that Danish women were feminist and self-centered. After staying 4 days in Copenhagen, two women hit on me. This would never have happened in Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam or London.

I have noticed that the forum users used to repeat what Roosh V said in his book without adding any information. I think many Roosh V forum user lie about their success and about the European countries that have visited.

Bad source of information:

I bought his ebooks about Denmark, Norway and Sweden. I went to Sweden, Norway and Denmark. He said that Norwegian women were the most interesting Scandinavian women. I went there, I have noticed that Norwegian women were the most difficult to get. Norway was overpriced. Women were hypergamic and had high expectations just like in west Europe while Swedish & Danish women were accessible and willing to have sex with me. I have met several Norwegian men who told me they used to fly to other countries to have sex with women. Norwegian men were the first to tell me that Swedish women were better than Norwegian women.

Prostitutes aren’t mentioned

When Roosh V. lived in Ukraine (I guess he is back now) and when he wrote his books, he never mentioned the presence of prostitutes. By the past, Eastern European prostitutes were streetwalkers and they moved to nightclubs circa 2010. Today, prostitutes approach men in nightclubs in Eastern Europe. However, in the books of Roosh V., when he talks about nightclubs he never mentions prostitutes. If you would go out by night in many Eastern European cities as Roosh V pretends, you would meet a prostitute at some point and you would have a story to tell. This makes me suspicious about the truthfulness of his trips.That’s why in my book entitled: “guide to dating women in Europe” I talk about prostitution.

Scammers aren’t mentioned

There are lots of Ukrainian scams. It is strange that Roosh V. never talked about Ukrainian scams. Ukraine is the country with Romania and Russia where there is the biggest number of scammers. 

Wrong assumptions

In one of his articles, he claimed that Asian women had no curves and were flat chested. It is also a stereotype about Asian women.

All natural Hitomi Tanaka from Japan

Useless politics

I do think that Roosh V talks about sociology and politics to hide the fact that he has limited knowledge of women. Anyways, he broadcast lots of assumptions that are just useless to dating and relationship with women. I have found his Ebooks totally useless and I wonder if he really visited all the countries he pretended to visit. On top of that, I doubt he was successful with Eastern European women. In fact, in a macho, pickup artist logic, there is an ongoing competition between men, and a man who has no sex is considered to be a loser so that Pickup artists have to lie and make believe they had many sexual encounters.

East vs. West

It is a wrong assumption to think that Eastern European women are systematically better than Western European women. To me, it is better to date a Swedish woman than an Estonian woman if you want to have sex with a woman. However, Sweden is part of West Europe. prejudices about Eastern Europe and Western Europe don’t work. There is nothing like the Soviet block on one hand and spoiled Europe on the other hand. Every country is different in Europe.