How to gain confidence before talking to a woman?

homme mainIn the USA or Western Europe, you require a lot of energy and self-confidence to pick up a woman nowadays. If your hands are shaking and if your voice is not stable, a woman will feel it. I think a woman will not consider you as a serious potential boyfriend. Nevertheless, the problem is less obvious if alcohol modified her perception. In fact, if we think about it, the expectations of western European women & American women are high especially in their early twenties. I want to say that it makes it difficult for men to talk with lots of confidence. It is not something that you can get in a flash.

  1. Accept to fail, failures are part of life.
  2. Think about the sentence you are going to say.
  3. Speak slowly and deep, it is something that is working very well.
  4. Practice on your own. Imagine an appointment with a woman. Do that until you are convinced by yourself.
  5. Practice with women you’re not interested in. You’ll gain confidence and you’ll be much more efficient afterward
  6. Help yourself with alcohol if you don’t feel confident enough.
  7. Stop listening to other people, listen to yourself.

On top of that in my “generic guide to dating women”, I mention the step “1.4 solve your life problems”. I think you can’t be confident if you don’t know how you can bring a woman back to your place to have sex with her.