Tips to spot pick up places

beautiful woman in a coffee shop of Pragua
Beautiful woman in a coffee shop of Prague, Czech Republic

Usually, when you find a place where there were beautiful women in the past, you will find beautiful women in the future. So, if the girls were not accessible in the past at that particular place, you may find a way to talk to the beautiful women next time you go to that particular place. On the other hand, if you are disappointed by a place, you will not likely find beautiful women next time. It is always interesting to have a plan to approach beautiful women, even if the situation does not look easy.

Also, don’t base your opinion about a place on what people say or what you have heard. Only trust yourself. If there are good pick up places, nobody will tell you anyways.

Consequently, if you go to a place, and if there are no good looking women, that was not a waste of time because nobody shares this kind of information. By the way, don’t be seduced by the hype. Today, nightclub & lounge bar owners are very good to attract male customers by hiring a pro photographer and fake female customers… Beware of picture perfect models & perfect videos too. Don’t take Youtube commercials into account.

Now, if you want to find pick up places. You have to get into the women’s world. Read female magazines, people magazines, female forums, profiles of female members on online dating websites… Don’t forget there are studies, job positions, sports & hobbies that always attract women. That’s why I have listed those pick-up┬áplaces in an Ebook.