The 10 worst cities to pick up women – 2018 edition –

  1. Toronto
  2. Brussels
  3. Dublin
  4. New York City
  5. Shanghai
  6. Paris
  7. London
  8. Barcelona
  9. Milano
  10. Amsterdam


  1. Toronto: The entertainment district is very small for the city size. The girl scene is non-existent. It is very difficult to find pick up places in Toronto. I remember I have seen a nightclub owner paying fake female customers to attract male customers to his nightclub. Many young men from Toronto go to Montreal on the weekend to have fun.
  2. Brussels: The massive male immigration has created a strong demographic, male imbalance in the city center of Brussels. The posh suburb Ixelles is better, but we didn’t see any real pick-up places. In Brussels, in a posh bar of Ixelles, I have met a man with an interesting story. He told me he had to have a woman with him to get inside a pub of the city center. Once, he got in the bar, the woman who came with him, left because she only went in to help him to enter the bar. This Portuguese man didn’t know anybody in Belgium and was desperate to meet someone.
  3. Dublin: Dublin is one of the worst European capitals to pick up a woman. Female Dubliners have high expectations. It is also difficult to find a beautiful Irish woman today. When I was in Dublin, the most beautiful women I have seen were Spanish women who visited temple bar.
  4. New York City: This city of promises is beloved by the media. They created a legend out of it. However, there is an excess of men everywhere versus the number of women. The unattractive NYC women think they are Victoria secret supermodels. Many female new yorker egos are as high as the Trump Tower. They have very high expectations of men even if they look ugly and have nothing special. In Nyc, you have to be famous, rich & funny to be successful with women.
  5. Shanghai: That’s the home of gold diggers in Asia. I think about Asian women who want to take advantage of men & their money. I think the most materialistic women of China can be found in Shanghai. There is a huge propaganda in the US to make people believe that Chinese women are more materialistic than American women. In fact, a female Chinese American will always be more materialistic than a real Chinese woman because a Chinese American is an American woman first.
  6. Paris: There is a huge gap between French women that can be seen on TV or in the movies and Parisian women. There are lots of ugly women in Paris. It is impressive for such a big city with such a good reputation in the past. All the beautiful women in Paris are always female foreigners. French women are very cold and may even say something bad to a man they like. Consequently, they are lots of psychos in Paris
  7. London: When you go out by night in London, and when you visit nightclubs that’s perhaps one of the places in the world where you can see the biggest number of men for the number of women.
  8. Barcelona or AKA the American tourist trap. People from Anglo-Saxon countries don’t know that Barcelona is the capital of feminism and lesbians in Spain. However, Spain is a big country, and there are many other spots that are much more interesting.
  9. Milano: It is a very overrated city. If you go to the Milano city center, you will be disappointed by the low number of attractive Italian women. Anyways, when there are attractive women in Italy, it does not mean they will accept to date you. Milanese women are very difficult to get. For your information, Italian women are overrated in general outside of Italy.
  10. Amsterdam: Many people think that Amsterdam is packed with easy going tall blond women. That is not the case. Amsterdam is packed with lots of men who are keen on beer, weed and sex workers. There are very few pick-up places. The existing pick-up places are so crowded so that you cannot reach anyone and speak to anyone. Only youngsters (max. 23 years old) go out to nightclubs. Many lounge bars and nightclubs in Amsterdam select their customers at the entrance. However, there is a new generation of Dutch women who are more open-minded. Amsterdam is getting better now.



If you want to date women, don’t focus on big cities. 30 years ago, big cities were places that counted all the best nightlife locations. Today, those places are still here but they attract way fewer people. In Western Europe or North America, I have systematically witnessed the same phenomenon in all bar lounges, nightclubs in all the big cities. Women are always significantly outnumbered by men. Thus, this male imbalance makes things difficult for a single man. That’s why it is important to consider medium-sized town in each country.


My criteria were the following:

  • Beauty of local women
  • Accessibility of women
  • Respect for men
  • Willingness to interact with a man

I didn’t take into account cities from Muslim countries because I don’t encourage men to travel to Muslim countries to pick up women considering the high level of danger.