The 10 worst countries to date a woman in the Western world – 2018 ranking

1. UK
2. Netherlands, Canada, USA
3. Ireland
4. Italy
5. Belgium, France
6. Denmark and Norway

 AsexualismMale Bashing levelpsycho levelHigh Expectations of menTOTALRANK
  1. The United Kingdom became a country where it is difficult to pick up and date women because of asexualism, high expectations towards men and male bashing. Since the last 20 years, I have seen the rise of feminism and a change of mindset that makes difficult to date any British women.
  2. The Netherlands: Dutch women have high expectations towards men during dating. Once you commit to a dutch woman, you are asked to live in good neighborhood and travel by plane. I know because I lived 3 years in Den Haag.
  3. Canada: Toronto is one of the worst city on earth to date women (I lived one year in Toronto). many Canadian women are asexual and reject the heterosexual relationship.
  4. USA: It is a country where you can find very interesting women and very bad women. However, I think there are more bad women than respectful women in the USA.
  5. Ireland is a milder version of UK. It is easy. It is a copy paste of mindset except that in Ireland, it is covered by the Catholic culture that makes you believe that every Irish women are respectful to men.
  6. Italy: Italian women can say thank you to the media because they are overestimated. Milano was my biggest disappointment in my life. I expected to see warm beautiful women everywhere. I have found asexual picky cold women there.
  7. Belgium and France: Many Belgian and French women suffer from the princess’ syndrome. They think that men should beg to date them.There are lots of seduction game, eye contact but it leads to nowhere.
  8. Denmark: Copenhagen is one of the feminist capital of Europe. Copenhagen is expensive. I think that dating a Danish woman leads to big expenses because Danish women want the best. In Copenhagen, you find the beautiful women in the same neighborhoods. Interestingly, those neighborhoods are the most expensive.
  9. Norway: Norwegian women aren’t very vocal when they talk about their relationship. However, when you date a Norwegian woman, she wants you to buy an apartment and spend a lot of money to get a rich lifestyle. Norwegian households are among the most indebted in Europe. Norwegian women have really high expectations towards men.

Criteria Description:

  • Asexualism: Some women don’t accept their female status.
  • Men Bashing level: In some countries, women systematically bash men and it makes it difficult to build up any relationships with such a woman.
  • High expectations of men: in some western countries, women have unrealistic high expectations of men. They have a very tight idea of what their potential boyfriend or husband should be. For example The said man should not be 1 year older than her. he should play the violin, have a great income, speak 3 languages and be funny all the time.
  • Inaccessibility: In some countries, you can not meet any interesting women in any public places. This is especially the case of Spain & Netherlands. If you are a total stranger of Spain and Netherlands it is going to be hard to meet a Spanish or Dutch woman.