The “Blond in the belly of the beast” is an enemy of men

Update 9 March 2019: “the blond in the belly of the beast” has removed her video entitled “overcoming unattractive beta qualities” from her Youtube channel that I used as a proof that she had no good intentions towards men. Now, there is no proof about it. I leave this article in place because I don’t think that the “blond in the belly of the beast” is out-of-ordinary. I think that many women think this way and that’s why this article is important.

Let me give you my opinion about the “blond in the belly of the beast,” the Seattle based YouTuber. She is a false ally of men. On the one hand, she pretends she is on men side and against feminism, on the other hand, she bashes men. In the video entitled “overcoming unattractive beta qualities,” she talks in the name of the whole female population. She wants to share the undeniable truth about how you should behave like a man in a relationship. She uses here two manipulation techniques that I explain in my book: “Power of persuasion” and male bashing.

Beta male is a code name for loser

She considers that the vast majority of men are beta males. The Alpha/beta males concept has no scientific ground. Nevertheless, we can translate the word beta into “loser” if we listen to the people who use the expression “beta male.” ┬áIn fact, behind the word beta male, there is a form of male bashing. Those women consider that beta males are not real men. The blonde youtuber does what all the female predators do. She judges men just because there are men.

If we would do a role reversal for a moment, I have never heard a man calling a woman a beta female. Have you ever heard of a woman talking about beta females? neither.

For her, a beta male is a man who will ask “How are you?”, “Can I kiss you?” and care about a person. By saying such a thing, she shows how twisted she is. How can you ask for respect on one hand and being turned on by someone who will not respect you?

The blond is a psycho. I do think psycho women are the most dangerous type of women because whoever you are, whatever you do, you will not be able to please a woman like this.

In this case, we face here the case of a castrating woman who attacks man masculinity.

In the United States of America, the issue is not related to men who don’t want to have sex with women but women who don’t want to have sex with men. They reject their female status in the heterosexual relationship; not the other way around. By blaming men, The blond in the belly of the beast does a role reversal. Men aren’t the problem. She is the problem because she decides to reject men.

If in the past centuries, women would have had rejected men like The blonde, there would be no humankind today due to child mortality. Consequently, it is not a natural behavior.

If you face a woman like the blond in the belly of the beast, the best would be to stop interacting with such a woman because she is toxic.

If you listen to this woman and if you think she tells the truth, you will think that you don’t need to ask a woman if she is going well. You will think that you can objectify her and kiss her without asking her. Then, you may end up being sued for rape or sexual harassment. That’s what happens to the pickup artist Jason Berlin. This legend of the real man who has to behave like a wild animal to get a woman is a myth. Behaving like a bad boy will lead you to prison.

Here is what I have to say:

The more men are encouraged to react on impulse and the more they are mind-controlled by female predators

Here is why you will never improve the situation with a psycho woman:

  • She rejects sexual intercourse with men.
  • A man will never be perfect enough to match her requirements.
  • she will never make a sacrifice for a relationship. In other words, the man has to change.
  • The man has to behave like a slave and say “yes” to every single request. Otherwise, he will be rejected.

According to the claims in the video, she blames the psychology of men. However, she also shares that she is unable to find someone. Youtube is now a platform for many women to express their psychological issue. Youtube is a therapy platform for women.

To the alt-right men here, I have met many women in my life who pretended to defend a cause while they had meanwhile a hidden stealthy agenda.

Please download this video from the “blond in the belly of the beast” because she could delete it to destroy evidence against her.

When a woman judges you, ask yourself, who is she to judge you?

3 thoughts on “The “Blond in the belly of the beast” is an enemy of men”

  1. Who is she to pass judgement on men?
    I don’t know… a hot chick? Hell, I passed judgement on her the first time I saw her. Would I do her? Yes.
    Do I agree with 90% of what she says? Yes.
    You need some vag pronto, broseph.

  2. Your comment is very interesting to me because here you replicate the scheme that neo machos have presented for years. The neo macho culture implies the following statements: 1. Every single women are willing to have sex according to the neo machos. 2. Their mindset is not important because it is only about sex. 3. If a man can’t have sex with a woman it is not a real man. It is easy to tell the world that you are an alpha male on the Internet. However, in real life, I only see males who are slaves of women. They are literally mistreated by women. It is sad that men want to show a very successful face on the Internet while in reality they are puppies of women.

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