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Travel advice for men who want to date women in Latin America

In Central and South America, safety should be the first criteria for travel. We noticed that Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil could be dangerous for tourists today. For sure, you can stay in a hotel club, and it is very safe, but you will never meet any local women.

As I said before on this website, Brazil has been overrated by medias and PUA artists. It is not the paradise land, and it is not full of gorgeous ladies. Peru, Bolivia, Suriname, and Guyana are not that interesting because of their large native Indian population. Unfortunately, native female Indians are not as blessed as European women from the beauty point of view. There is a golden rule in South America. The Latin American spots where there is the highest density of native Indians are the less attractive pick-up places.

Learning simple Spanish sentences can be very useful all over South America. On the other hand, the Portuguese speaker’s area is limited to Brazil.

I also considered the travel duration and travel hours. I always wonder the following: “is it worth traveling 10 hours to reach a particular destination?”

Be careful when you see that a local woman is too nice to you. Some westerners get trapped by South American women because they are not used to get some attention from women. Many South American women look for gringos to get a passport.

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