Validating a woman on a social media isn’t an issue

I know that many MGTOW are upset to see that so many women get compliments on social medias even if they don’t deserve those compliments. However, I would like to say that it is not an issue. 

The virtual world vs the real world

Courting a woman in the real world today is an issue. It implies that you have to book time. You must spend money to date this particular woman over several days or a week. It is going to be stressful because she may play and tell you that she is not interested in you. She may play with your emotions. She may make you compete with other men as I explained in my “how women manipulate men”. 

On the other hand, When you are in front of your computer or smartphone at home, you are in your safe zone. It does not cost any money to press +1 and leave a compliment. Compliments and +1 are worth nothing. So, it is better when men seduce women online because it has no consequences for them. Watching some pictures on instagram or facebook will take less time and money than going out to meet a woman. Anyways, no woman will knock at your door to ask you to go out with her. 

Some women live now in a parallel world because of the many validations. In future, I guess we will see women aged 50, who will still be attention seekers on facebook and instagram and expect to get some views and +1. 

Meanwhile, it would be important to take control of your life in the real world. You should avoid to waste your time and your money courting women. The expenses and the stress related to courting women is a real issue.