What is a stealthy gold digger?

Stealthy gold diggers are those women who will not talk about unrealistic expectations during dating. They don’t wear expensive clothes, shoes, and jewelry. They may pay half of the bills during dating. However, after the marriage or common life, they pressure men to spend more than what they can afford.

For instance, they will ask a man to buy a big house, a swimming pool, a luxurious SUV, go 4 times a year to expensive resorts. They know to act to make their requirements acceptable. They will make their husband or their boyfriend believe that their lifestyle requirements are normal and that everyone lives this way.

In France, I know three couples with stealthy gold diggers. As soon as they were together, all the heavy expenses were decided by the ladies. One unemployed girlfriend wanted to live in an area where the houses were among the most expensive. She pressured her boyfriend to take out a long-term mortgage loan. I know this man very well. He never spent money in his life. He was not interested in luxury houses. The second one wanted a huge house with 6 bedrooms and a swimming pool. Her husband doesn’t like swimming. The third one wanted a big house as well in a very expensive area in France. On top of that, all the heavy expenses from those three couples were systematically decided by the three women.

The stealthy gold diggers encourage their men to always live above beyond their means. If you earn $2000, they will pressure you to buy products and services that only someone earning $3000 can afford. If you earn $3000, they will pressure you to buy products and services that only a man earning $4000 can afford and so on.

The mainstream media will never talk about stealthy gold diggers because they advertise products and services that target this group of the population.