Why you should not date a woman older than you

In the western world, lots of people forgot the specificities of the male and the female bodies. When a woman is 40 years old, she has 5% chance of having a baby every month. On the other hand, at 40 years old male infertility ranges between 3% and 8% all over the world. It means that a man has no interest dating an older woman who will be infertile. When the French president, Emmanuel¬†Macron met Brigitte Macron, she was 39 years old. Emmanuel Macron was 15 years old. For sure, the time they thought about conceiving it was too late due to the Brigitte Macron’s age.

In other words, age is a problem for women, not men. However, in the USA and West Europe, some people make believe that age is a problem for men and that women have time if they want to have a baby. It is just not true. Age is a problem for women only.

I used this proof because no one can deny it. On top of that, there is a beauty issue. Women get uglier faster than men as they get older. We can find many 50+ men sexy but how many 50+ women are attractive? very few. Some people could tell me that it is a subjective fact. However, when you switch on any TV from any countries of the world, if there are two presenters, one woman, and one man, the woman will always be younger than the man.

If a woman dates a younger man, there are no benefits for this young man. The older woman should compensate her lack of beauty and age by something. It should be money. I think that in the future we will see the rise of sugar mommies.