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Gavin McInnes is wrong about the man’s role in the family

So, according to Gavin McInnes, women have to stay home and take care of children. This means men have to get the financial responsibility of the household. It means the wife stays at home doing nothing while the husband works hard and work for his wife. It is a masochist culture. In this relationship, the man has no benefits. The man gets stressed while the wife has to create problems in her life because you can’t have real problems by staying home.

According to Gavin MacInnes, men have to defend their wives and their daughters.  For McInnes women can’t defend themselves. In other words, the man has to take all the hits, the blames on behalf of his wife and daughter. It is wrong.  Macho men who patronize women are masochists.

I understood McInnes is a traditionalist.  It means the wife has to do the house chores and the man has to do the heavy chores. However, today, there is nothing left to do at home. We don’t need to cook every day since we have ready-made food.

Vaccum cleaners are now bagless, light and bagless. Robots can clean your floor and mow the lawn. Dish washers, washing machine, Dryers do the job for you. Staying at home isn’t a full-time job. Meanwhile, the man has to do all the exhausting dirty job like making masonry, cleaning the roof, fixing pipes, fixing car engines, fixing Wifi and electronics.

let me sum up. The man has the responsibility of himself, his family, money and dirty jobs on his shoulders. I think this is not a sustainable lifestyle because when a man like this one gets old he will be unable to sustain this lifestyle. Anyways, at any time, his woman may have higher expectations in terms of lifestyle (buy a cottage, going on holidays) and the man may not be able to content his wife.

Gavin McInnes isn’t a rebel or a dissident. He is a man who can turn men into real slaves of women.

The best woman is a woman who works and who is financially independent.


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