There are still men who think that feminism is a women’s rights movement. They are wrong. It is been a while that in the western world women have the same rights as men. Today, the goal of feminism is to get rights in favor of women and at the expense of men. They want men to be slaves of women.

On top of that, they want people to believe that men rape women during every sexual intercourse. They want people to believe that the heterosexual intercourse is an oppression of women by men. In general, they want people to believe that women are oppressed by men.

They want men to feel guilty of being men. They want men to be ashamed of their sexuality. They implicitly want to castrate men. When I see the behavior of men under feminist influence, I see neutered dogs.

For sure, the feminist movement is OBVIOUSLY a lesbian movement. By turning women into feminists, they turn women into lesbians. By doing so, they destroy humankind since lesbian women can’t have a child.

Or I may be wrong. The future can be made of those men who go to those sperm donation center, jerk off in a test tube, to artificially inseminate a lesbian woman who will give birth to a child which will be raised by a lesbian couple without the help of a man.

I don’t trust any feminists including Camilla Paglia and Esther Villar.

If feminists cared about men, they wouldn’t be feminists, they would be humanists.

There are men and women who are humanists. This means they care about people whatever their gender. These men and women aren’t feminists.