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This new generation of men who refuses to be money providers of women

Not so long ago, some men had low criteria when it came to choosing a wife for life. If she was nice and pretty, it was enough. They blindly signed the wedding agreement. Now, many men don’t want to financially support women anymore.

I observed this phenomenon thanks to an out-of-ordinary situation. I had the opportunity to meet many sex workers in my life as I lived next to a red light district in the Netherlands. I also interacted with many webcam models on the internet and some porn stars thanks to my job as an adult webmaster.

Between 2000 and 2010, I vividly remember that at the end of their career, sex workers could meet a man who agreed to financially support this woman for the rest of his life. It was really common. The scheme was always the same. Usually, a woman worked as a sex worker until her thirties and then she became a housewife. The man worked as hard as he could to provide a great lifestyle to her.

Now, I can see that many among those former sex workers are single today (divorced or never married). Even if they still have a large fan base, no man accepts to commit to such a woman.

Funny enough, I observed the same issue with women who had an unstable life. I think about female singers, actresses, dancers, models who were in denial. They thought they would never get old and that people would always hire them.

The era of the trophy wife is official over

Now, let’s take a look at the marriage rate in the USA between 1990 and 2017. As you can see the marriage rate is tremendously dropped between 1990 and 2008.

Men rose their expectations when they look for a woman. They now expect their woman to have a stable job. If they meet a nice girl, it is just not enough. This is the first level. In the future, I expect life to be harder

This phenomenon is really difficult to prove. However, I noticed the following phenomenon in my entourage. In the 90’s, there was many marriages in my country France. Today, I still know lots of people here but men refuse to marry their female companion. They use an alternative agreement to marriage calls PACS or nothing. The PACS is an agreement that implies that the two parties should live together. However, it is like a prenup. There is no community property under this agreement. Everyone keeps its assets. I am sure that the women pf those couples under PACS would love to get married but the men don’t want to marry.