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Those men who refuse to marry a woman

The marriage rate in the USA from 1990 to 2008 says it all. The number of married people compared to the population has tremendously dropped for 18 years.

Statistic: Marriage rate in the United States from 1990 to 2017 (per 1,000 of population) | Statista

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I noticed a similar phenomenon in my entourage here in France. In the 90’s, there was many marriages. I was invited to a marriage once every year in the late 90’s. Today, I still know a lot of people here but men refuse to marry their female companion. In France, They use an alternative agreement to marriage called PACS. The PACS is an agreement that implies that the two parties should live together. However, it is like a prenup. There is no community property under this agreement. Everyone keeps its assets separated.

Some men even decide not to take out a PACS agreement and live side by side with their female companion.

The consequences of this phenomenon were quite interesting. In the past, many women didn’t bother about the future since they knew they could marry a man and take advantage of his income. Now, women have to bother about their career because no men will financially support them in a marriage.

When I was a teen, I remember visiting beautiful houses in the suburb with all appliances. The housewives had a great life in those castles. They didn’t need to work because those women were married. If something went wrong, they could divorce and get half of the household assets.

Now, those types of women who were once lazy have to work. They aren’t married and if they break up, they can’t rely on the alimony and the assets. So, their job position is their best life insurance.

Now, many men understood that marrying an unemployed woman had no benefits. I wrote an article about it.

Marriage is too dangerous

Now, if a man marries a woman, and if he earns good money, after sometimes if a divorce occurs, the man will have to give up half the wealth he earned for many years and on top of that he will have to pay alimony to the ex wife. When I look back, I am impressed by the men who could embrace a career and financially support their wife for 50 years. It is was an herculean job.